Sunday December 17, 2017
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MMDA Accounts
Minimum Balance (opening) $2,000.00
Minimum Balance Required to Obtain Annual Percentage Yield (APY) None
Interest Rate and APY Call Customer Service
Interest Compounded Monthly
Interest Credited Monthly
Interest Computation Method *Daily Balance
Withdrawal/Transfer Charge $15.00 for each withdrawal/transfer over 6.  Six of the withdrawal/ transfers may be payment to third parties.
Statement Period Monthly
Balancing of Statement Minimum Balances: Each account will be required to maintain a minimum balance of $2,000.000. Should the balance fall below $2,000.00 at any time during the statement cycle, there will be a $15.00 service charge.
Insufficient Funds Charge $35.00 per item
Stop Payment Charge $35.00 per item
Deposited Check Return Charge $7.00 per item
Overdraft Charge $3.00 per day overdrawn

Monthly Maintenance Fee for $2,000.00 or more no charge.
Monthly Maintenance Fee for less than $2,000.00 is $15.00.


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